The Chess Training Blueprint
For Adult Improvers

Next Level Training is a video-based course that has taught over 700 students the fundamentals of Chess Training.

In 10 hours, Next Level Training teaches you the How of Chess Training:

♟️ How to concentrate in Training & during games

♟️ How to make the most out of your limited time

♟️ How to train tactics, strategy, openings & endgames

♟️ How to analyze your games and learn from them

♟️ How to write your own training plan and stick to it

You will connect with like-minded chess improvers, create your own training plan, and feel more motivated when studying chess the right way.

Stop Overthinking.

Finally Start Training Chess well in 2024.

Is Next Level Training for YOU?

✔️Are you an adult improver rated between 0-2300 Online (~2000 FIDE) and want to further improve your Chess?
This course is designed for adults who want to work on their game and improve their rating.

✔️Do you want to start training Chess but aren't sure where to start?
Are you overwhelmed with the number of different courses, books, and general improvement advice out there?

✔️Have you tried training Chess but now feel stuck?
Are you shopping around, buying tons of books and courses, but nothing seems to work?

✔️Are you putting in the hours but don't see results?
Do you find yourself frustrated with the lack of progress?

Next Level Training is NOT for you if:

You are still searching for a magic way to get better without investing time and energy.

Spoiler: it doesn't exist.

You only care about memorizing opening lines.

Next Level Training is all about improving your skills, not memorizing engine lines you don't understand.

You are a professional Chess Player looking to become a Grandmaster with sophisticated Training Methods.

This video course focuses on the fundamentals of Chess Training. It is aimed at adult improvers, not professionals.

Here Is What Next Level Training Students Are Saying:

Tom Bus

"Two months ago I started the Next Level Training course. Result: I started OTB games with a score of 4,5 / 5. My games are more solid, I recognize more patterns (Tactics) , I am adapting quicker to a new position and most of all I am more confident during the game (I am not afraid anymore of equal positions)."

Steve Wollkind
won 150 Lichess rapid points since joining

"Next Level Training is pure gold. With the study plan I created thanks to NLT (and the confidence I gained to stick with it) I'm working on my game in the ways that matter, and playing much better chess than before."

Start training Chess consistently

All adult Chess improvers face
the same 10 problems:

  • No Structure
  • Procrastination
  • No Time to Train
  • Conflicting Advice
  • Constant Distractions
  • Lacking Self-Confidence
  • Playing Mindless Games
  • Not knowing Where to Start
  • Losing Motivation After Defeats
  • Overwhelming Amount of Opening Theory

Chances are if you are reading this, one (or more) of these problems are frustrating you (and keeping you from improving your Chess).

And chances are, you know you should be training consistently to see lasting improvements. 

You might have tried it before. But time and time again, you fall off. Get frustrated. Or get lost in the overwhelming study possibilities.

This is because you weren’t taught how to study the right way. To focus well even if you have a lot on your plate. To follow a plan even if sometimes you might not feel like it.

Or you might not even get going because you are unsure where to start.

What you need is someone who explains to you how to study each part of the game. 

Tells you what resources are really worth your time.

Helps you create your own Chess training plan.

And a community that keeps you going, even when you lose a couple of games in a row.

That’s exactly what Next Level Training solves for you. You will get step-by-step guidance on creating your own effective Training plan and access to a community of like-minded chess improvers.

This creates clarity and a fun + motivating environment unlike anything you’ve ever experienced.

Get rid of your bad Chess habits

#1: Overthinking

So many adult improvers get lost in the search for the perfect resources. This search might feel productive at first, but it doesn’t lead you anywhere. What works is consistent training with a few high-quality resources. Nothing fancy, no secret sauce.

#2: No Structure

Do you jump from one book or course to another without clear direction? This is very overwhelming. And doesn’t produce results. The peace of mind you get from a simple plan is astonishing. Waking up knowing what and how you train today will boost your self-confidence, consistency, and, ultimately, results.

#3: Focusing on the wrong areas.

Openings are endless. The more theory you learn, the more you realize how much you don’t know yet. This creates a lot of FOMO (fear of missing out). And an endless vicious cycle of trying to Master something you don’t need yet.

If, instead, you work on your chess understanding, tactical skills, and your biggest weaknesses, you will play any position you face better than before. Thanks to this training, you will feel confident, even when you are out of theory.

Stop the endless search for the
perfect Chess advice

If you are still searching for the magic pill, please stop. There is no secret Chess advice that suddenly makes you a better player without training.

The problem of scrolling social media platforms like Twitter or Reddit for Chess advice is twofold:

1) You get a lot of conflicting advice. Everyone has an opinion. The sheer amount of things you "should" do according to them will inevitably overwhelm you.

2) The advice is often not meant for you or is just purely bad. Nobody needs credentials to post their advice online.

The training methods I teach inside Next Level Training brought me to 2588 FIDE and helped countless adult improvers reach their all-time high rating.

I’ve refined them with feedback from thousands of readers and hundreds of students.

You deserve more than “this worked for me so I hope it works for you too” advice. Start using simple-to-follow methods that have worked for many adult improvers just like you.

No guesswork.

Just proven advice that brings results.

Stop buying courses and books
you'll never finish.

Without proper guidance, it is easy to buy many courses and books that aren’t optimal for you.

They are either aimed at players of different levels or bloated with loads of unnecessary content. I’ve seen too many adult improvers work on books aimed at (Grand)Master Level.

This is not only a waste of money, but also very frustrating. You will lose confidence and think you are the problem when, in reality, the resource you work with simply isn’t for you.

Not anymore with Next Level Training.

You will identify the areas you should work on and pick from a list of recommended resources.

Everything I recommend has been tested by myself with many students and comes with a clear rating suggestion.

These resources range from amazing free tools to affordable books and more expensive video courses. This way you can choose what fits your budget.

With fewer but better resources, you will save money, time and have more fun during training.

No more staring at your screen without knowing what and how to train.

You sit down at your computer with a firm conviction to study Chess. 

But before you realize it, you are playing yet another blitz marathon without learning much. 

How does this happen?

Without the much-needed structure, we humans tend to do the things that are easiest:

  • Scrolling social media
  • Watching random YouTube videos
  • Playing mindless games

But those aren’t the things that make you a better Chess player. Instead, you get frustrated because you invest a lot of time without seeing results.

You may even get worse results!

Thanks to Next Level Training, you can plan your training in small, manageable steps. This will allow you to sit down knowing exactly what you will spend your next 30-60 minutes on.

The clarity gained will help you stay consistent and lead to new breakthroughs.

Get more out of every minute
you study Chess

Imagine spending less time training Chess but achieving better results.

Impossible, you say?

I disagree.

If you:

  • Work with recommended resources optimal for you
  • Train with better focus
  • Stick to a consistent plan

You will get much more out of every minute you spend on Chess training.

Does that mean you can never enjoy watching your favorite streamer again?

No, the opposite.

Instead of 2 hours of mediocre training, you will do one hour of great training and enjoy an hour of your favorite Chess activity.

Having already trained, you can enjoy this activity guilt-free.

Less training. More results. More enjoyment. It is possible.

But only if you know how.

Create your own Chess success story.

Gain confidence.
Win games.
Reach new all-time highs.

We all love to hear a good success story from other chess improvers. But you might often think to yourself “I wish this would be me!”.

Now is your time.

Equipped with a clear plan, high-quality resources, and better focus, you can write your own success story.

I’ve had many students reach their new all-time high rating or beat players 300+ points higher rated.

Nearly all of them are more confident, learn quicker and suffer less after losing a game. I can only outline the journey.

Now it is your move.

Take action.

Follow the steps outlined in Next Level Training, and write your own success story.

It won't be easy. But it works. And it will be worth your time and efforts.

Want to get a sneak peek inside the course? Check out the full curriculum below

  Getting Started
Available in days
days after you enroll
  How To Study Anything
Available in days
days after you enroll
  How To Study Chess
Available in days
days after you enroll
  How To Study Tactics
Available in days
days after you enroll
  How To Study Positional/Strategical Chess
Available in days
days after you enroll
  How To Study Calculation
Available in days
days after you enroll
  General Middlegame Study
Available in days
days after you enroll
  How To Study Openings
Available in days
days after you enroll
  How To Study Endgames
Available in days
days after you enroll
  Improve By Playing Training Games
Available in days
days after you enroll
  Analyze Your Games
Available in days
days after you enroll
  Construct Your Training Plan
Available in days
days after you enroll
  Bonus Section
Available in days
days after you enroll

What some more Next Level Training students are saying

Hey from your Grandmaster coach

Hey, I'm Noël, the youngest Chess Grandmaster in Swiss history. I started competing in Chess at 8 years old and have spent tens of thousands of hours playing, studying, and teaching this beautiful game ever since.

You might think: Ugh, another GM that totally doesn't get the problems of adult improvers.

Hold on a moment. I’m different.

Sadly, I know all too well which problems you are facing. 

There’s so much out there you feel you need to know and you have way too little time for it. It’s overwhelming and frustrating.

And even if you find the time in a crowded day, you find yourself distracted and unable to focus properly.

For you, this is because of your work, family, and other commitments. For me, it was due to a Traumatic Brain Injury I suffered in 2017 while I was on top of my game.

While my competition was putting in 10-hour days, I struggled to train for 3 hours daily without headaches and concentration issues.

This forced me to train smarter than anyone else.

To concentrate on the few areas that make a huge difference and leave out the rest.

To learn how to focus better, so I can make my few daily hours count.

This injury has made my Chess journey so much harder. But only thanks to this hardship I was forced to find solutions that worked for me and many adult chess improvers.

When quantity isn’t possible, the only way is to increase quality.

I’m not teaching you things you don’t need. Engine lines you’ll never understand.

Instead, I teach you the most essential methods of Chess improvement. 

After working with many private students and interacting with even more readers and course students, I compressed everything you need to know about Chess training into one single course.

No fluff. Just essential, actionable advice that actually works. And will help you for the rest of your life. 

Not only for Chess improvement but to improve anything you want.

What you’re going to discover when you enroll today

Video-Course Part 1: The Learning Blueprint

Chapter 1: Introduction, Improvement Mindset

✔️ How this course is built, order of study

✔️ How you will get the most out of the course

Chapter 2: How To Study Anything

✔️ Improvement Expectations vs Reality

✔️ Avoid the Biggest Risk

✔️ Get Better Quality in Anything you Do

✔️ Learn how to increase your Focus

✔️ Create great habits & remove bad ones

Chapter 3: How To Study Chess

✔️ How Chess improvement actually works

✔️ Difference between Learning & Improving

Video-Course Part 2: Step-by-Step Guide On Studying Every Area of Chess

Chapter 4: How To Study Tactics

✔️ Learn the 5 Steps to Mastery

✔️ How to use Lichess Tactics the right way

✔️ Get a great Book and solve the exercises to maximize your improvement

✔️ Learn from your mistakes and categorize them (right!)

Chapter 5: How To Study Positional Chess

✔️ Focus only on the most important Positional Concepts

✔️ Apply these concepts in game by asking the right questions

✔️ Why you should NEVER consult an engine to learn positional chess

✔️ Get a short list of amazing books & courses that will cover ALL you need to learn about positional & strategic chess

Chapter 6: How To Study Openings

✔️ The practical Opening Mindset

✔️ Use Lichess Studies (FREE!) to create your own Repertoire

✔️ Great FREE mini-courses & resources to start your opening journey

✔️Learn how to improve your openings after playing a game

✔️ Get a list of recommended Openings for Beginners, Positional Players & attacking players

✔️ The best opening courses & how you study them in the most effective way possible

Chapter 7: How To Study Endgames

✔️ Get the ONLY book/course you need up to 2200 for Endgame Theory

✔️ Learn how to study endgame books & courses

✔️ Learn the endgame principles you need & leave out everything else

Chapter 8: Improve By Playing Training Games

✔️ Learn which Time Controls really help you improve

✔️ How to use Training games against friends to get real game practice

✔️ How to focus during training games and get more out of them

✔️ Fun challenges to make training games more close to “real” games

Chapter 9: How To Analyze Your Games

✔️ How to learn from your mistakes by focusing on key moments

✔️ The differences in analyzing Classical, Rapid & Blitz Games

✔️ Learn from how I analyze my own games

Video-Course Part 3: Grandmaster-Level Training Plan Creation

Chapter 10: Construct Your Training Plan

✔️ Learn the traits of a training plan you can stick to: Specific, plausible, simple

✔️ Apply the one-third Rule to your personal training plan

✔️ Simplify your training by only getting GREAT resources

✔️ Avoid being overwhelmed by proudly leaving 99% out

✔️ ACTION TIME: Improve your chess by following your newly curated training plan

BONUS #1: Discord Community

Be part of the exclusive Next Level Training Discord Group, where you can connect with like-minded Chess improvers. This group is the only way to ask me specific questions about your Chess Improvement problems.

✔️ Accountability

✔️ Find Training Partners

✔️ Ask Questions if Anything is Unclear

✔️ Share Your Goals, Success Stories & Learn from Others

BONUS #2: Extra Video on Nutrition, Sleep & Exercise

Train better thanks to healthy nutrition, sleep & exercise habits. I have worked with professionals in all three areas and share what you must know to get your body into shape.

“Mens sana in corpore sano” - Healthy mind in healthy body.

In this ~30 Min Bonus Video, you will get:

✔️ Do’s and Don’ts of Nutrition For Optimal Performance

✔️ Simple Exercise Routines You Can Follow

✔️ Tips For Better Sleep To Feel More Recharged

✔️ Recommended Resources For All Areas for Further Study

BONUS #3: Extra Video on Tournament Preparation

Learn how to prepare optimally for an upcoming tournament thanks to this Bonus Video. You will be able to play with more energy and come with a great form thanks to a few easy-to-implement tournament preparation Tips.

✔️ How Many Days You Should Take Off

✔️ Adjusting Difficulty Before A Tournament

✔️ What Training During a Tournament Looks Like

✔️ Opening Repetition Before A Tournament

BONUS #4: Chess Training Planner (PDF)

Half the battle is knowing what and when exactly you’re going to study every week. As a bonus, you’ll get my Training planner to make it easy to write down your own plan.

You will learn how to come up with a good plan and how to use the planner the best way in the course.

✔️ Plan Your Training

✔️ Use for as Long as You Train Chess

✔️ Simplicity = Progress

BONUS #5: Lifetime Access & Fresh Updates

Course content can get old after a while, and things can change. Not here. When you enroll today, you’ll get lifetime access to new content, sections, and updates…100% free of charge!

By Enrolling Today, You Will Get:

✔️Immediate Access To 10+ hours of Video Content

✔️Step-by-Step Video Instructions on How To Train Chess Well

✔️Checklists, Course & Book Recommendations

✔️BONUS: Private community of Chess Improvers from all continents

✔️BONUS: FREE Chess Training Planner (PDF)

✔️BONUS: FREE Course: Nutrition, Sleep & Exercise

✔️BONUS: FREE Course: Tournament Preparation

✔️BONUS: Lifetime Access And Improvements

✔️GUARANTEE: 100% no-questions-asked refund for 14 days

Getting this information took me more than 10 years full of sleepless nights, and horrific failures. You can now get it in a simple, easy-to-follow course in 10 hours.

My private students pay me over $1000 every month to get this information and guidance. You can get lifetime access & updates for a much more affordable price right now.

Get Next Level Training and 5 Free Bonuses Today:

14-Day Money Back Guarantee; No Questions Asked

Buy without any risks thanks to a 14-day money back guarantee.

In the unlikely case that Next Level Training isn't for you, just email me to [email protected] within 14-days of purchasing the course and you will get a full refund.

Got Questions? Let’s Answer Them

Who is this for?

For adult improvers in a rough rating range of 0-2300 online or 0-2000 FIDE. You will also profit from all the systems and ideas if you are higher rated or under 18 years of age, but the above is the people I thought of when constructing this course.

How Much Does This Cost?

A one-time payment of $297 to get lifetime access and 5 bonuses on top of it. You can also pay with a simple payment plan of 3 monthly payments of $110.

If I don't like it, can I request a refund?

Yes. The course comes with a 14-day money-back guarantee. Within those 14 days, if you don't like the course, email me at [email protected] and I’ll refund your enrollment fee. No exceptions for later requests.

Are there any hidden costs or ongoing charges?

No! Just buy this course once and get lifetime access and fresh content updates. If needed, you can also access the course using a simple payment plan.

How much money do I need to spend on recommended resources?

For every recommendation, there are choices to go with every budget. If you want to keep things low cost, you can train using free tools and 2-3 high-quality books ($5-25 apiece). The right resources don’t have to be expensive!

Can I buy this course as a Gift?

Yes, you can. Simply check the "send as a gift" option at checkout, and add their name + email, and you are good to go. I'm sure the lucky recipient will appreciate your gift!

What is the format of this course?

This is a video-based course. You will also find text passages to simplify, checking back for recommendations and further explanations. Additionally, you can download some checklists to make the implementation easier.

How Much Time Should I dedicate to this?

The videos are ~10 hours. If you go through everything carefully, take notes, and create your own plans, you will have around 15 hours to go through the course. That's 1 hour a day for 2 weeks, or quicker if you wish to spend more time daily.

How long will it take for me to see results?

As soon as you implement the new methods into your daily training, you will feel a difference in motivation and clarity. When you stay consistent in your training, you should feel a difference in your skills and playing strength after 30 days. From then on, the results start compounding.

Can I find all of this content on your Blog for free?

While some concepts are on the blog, most of the content is only found inside this course. In addition, I’ve put it all together in a step-by-step system that makes your learning experience a breeze.