Create Your "Chess Zone"

Create Your Chess Zone

Life is not always perfect and we need to find compromises. As you saw in the video above, if you don't have the space to create your own chess zone you need to use your imagination.

The key is that we send a signal to our brain as soon as we start to study chess that says "now it's time to focus".

You might have different chess study settings, for example if you would like to study in trains. That's fine, just make sure to plan accordingly.

Ask yourself: what can I do to make this study set-up more effective?

Some ideas for your commute:

1) Wear Noise-cancelling headphones (but don't listen to anything)

2) Don't solve exercises. This requires your full focus. Do something a little more light like studying a video course/book. Which ones? You'll learn that in the later sections of this course!

3) If possible, do other things on your commute to free up time to study chess when you can 110% focus.

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